"Connecting the dots": Collaboration Workshop for METROPOLIS Teams

18 May
13.30 to 17.00
Type of activity: 
Metropolis internal meetings
Legislatura Porteña

In its 30 years, METROPOLIS has organized hundreds of events including congresses, annual meetings, international forums, training workshops, meetings and technical visits. It has also produced innumerable publications and communication campaigns, and developed digital platforms that facilitate cooperation and the joint work of different local administrations, connecting them globally for an effective exchange of knowledge, in addition to fostering collaborations with civil society, the academic sphere and the private sector.

None of this work would have been possible without the collaboration of people from different parts of the world who have put their talent, time and energy into METROPOLIS over these decades. As well as the professionals at the Secretariat-General in Barcelona, the Association has the fundamental support of its members. Some of them comply with statutory roles, and representatives of the member-cities’ staff accompany the work of the Secretariat-General, contributing with their own local urban experiences and new project proposals. METROPOLIS also enjoys the valuable collaboration of volunteers from other sectors of society.

However, all of this broad and copious body of knowledge is still not sufficiently shared amongst these parties. Within this framework arises the proposal of “Connecting the Dots”, to generate more effective and innovative ways to work together, which facilitate or boost opportunities for interaction between METROPOLIS members and partners. METROPOLIS brought together over 50 representatives from cities and partner organizations in a technical and dynamic workshop oriented towards action, with the aim of exploring the opportunities for existing synergies through the various points of the current functional structure of the Association.

The workshop was designed in conjunction with Toni Blanco, a consultant on innovation in administration and an expert on collaborative work, who was also the moderator. The workshop sought to attain four collective objectives:

  • Acquiring know-how on all of the activities of METROPOLIS;
  • Connecting the leaders of the main activities of METROPOLIS;
  • Learning new strategies for collaborative work and the creation of value;
  • Promoting the implementation of the 2015-2017 METROPOLIS Action Plan in a more dynamic and participatory manner.

The activity began with an introduction by the Secretary-General, Alain Le Saux. This was followed by ‘The Dots’, a presentation on the current activities of METROPOLIS and their structures. Subsequently, there was a co-operation exercise, the main theme of which was the learning of collaborative working strategies as a network. Lastly, the participants exchanged ideas.




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